Edenwater Eggs

hen line  by the fenceAn Edenwater Egg comes from a truly free range, slaughter-free, well cared for and much loved flock. I, Louise have followed in my Granny's footsteps producing free range eggs on my family farm in the Scottish Borders. I am passionate about poultry & waterfowl, their welfare & producing quality eggs in a way that demands respect for all the birds. Edenwater Eggs are one of the very few egg producers in Britain producing eggs from a slaughter free flock. The hens and ducks here have access to the whole farm - all the fields, woods, river & pond, allowing them to properly free range at their leisure throughout daylight hours (only being shut in their houses at night to protect them from foxes). Having so much freedom keeps them healthy with a varied diet which I supplement with local feed. All the birds recieve the high level of care whether they are just starting to lay or are enjoying retirement.


I keep several breeds - pure and hybrid birds which all lay different colours of eggs and are sold are mixed colours either as large or medium from the Egg Shack which is on the farm and operates an honesty box policy. Duck eggs are sold as they come but normally are all large, bantam & goose eggs when in season. My duck eggs are available in several shops throughout the Scottish Borders. 




The Egg Shack is open 24/7, 365 days a year!

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